influencer incubator

A 6-month 1:1 experience


That influencer empire you want to build….You know…

  • The one that nags you at night

  • The one that you think about all the time

  • The one you know can change and lives

  • The one you know makes you destined for books, talks, and media appearances galore

  • The one that you keep saying you’ll get to “later” when some arbitrary milestone happens in your business.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go away.

  • It nags you more than your mother when you go home for Christmas.

  • It just gets louder and louder and starts hijacking your thoughts.

  • Ideas like the one in your head don’t just ride off quietly into the night.

They’re relentless and persistent and yes, even a little annoyingly in your face all the time because it’s your calling.


Ring ring, your destiny’s been calling.

Are you finally going to pick up the phone?



I know exactly what you’re doing right now in your business. You’re:

  • Signing clients and trying to get booked out

  • Putting together funnels because that’s what everyone says to do

  • Building your list because you know that you should

  • A leader in your social media space, whether that’s Facebookland, Instagram Lane, or Myspace Mountain (okay, okay, that’s just wishful thinking - I know that Myspace hasn’t been a thing in 10 years)

  • Thinking of expanding because after you make a certain amount of money, you’re supposed to make more money, right?

But I also know that you’re:

  • Feeling stuck and stagnant

  • More than a little tired of the industry that you’re in

  • Drained by doing things just because you “should”

  • Ready to make that next quantum leap to bigger and better things

  • Dreaming of making a bigger impact

  • Wanting to share your movement freely around the world and spread it to as many people as possible

  • Bored AF by your own business and no amount of launching or signing more clients is going to fix it.

  • Starved for connection with a larger audience looking for the message you have to share.

Good news: You don’t have to keep feeling that way. I was there and I crossed that barrier, and now I help my clients do the same. It’s time for you to join them.

Introducing the Influencer Incubator, a 6-month transformational business and publicity experience designed to take you from just another entrepreneur lost in the digital space to influencer with booming notoriety and my high-touch support along the way.


I’m Erika Couto, business and publicity strategist. I help passionate people like you rise to thought leader status. In less than two years of being in the digital space, I signed my first book deal, became a TV producer, and have built a reputation for helping my clients achieve fast, epic growth, turning their businesses into empires.

  • In our first 30 days of working together, Christiana had an interview with the producers of a major network to appear on a show & hit her first 10k month. In 60 days, she had her first 15k month.
  • In our first call, Shamia shifted from focusing on brand design to UX design. She’s now working with some of the biggest names in female entrepreneurship, speaks at conferences, and is the subject of a full-feature in Cosmo Magazine’s October 2017 issue.
  • Rachel has had numerous posts go viral on the Instagram explore page, getting her massive international media attention in places such as Allure Magazine, Refinery29, Hello Giggles, Teen Vogue, and SELF Magazine. She’s appeared in articles next to influencers like Ashley Graham!
  • Carly's Facebook Live show, The Shit Show with Carly Cloer, gets thousands of views every single week!
  • Erica hit her first five figure month in 30 days, doubled her blog rates, and got a Louis Vuitton Neverfull gifted to her by a company.
  • Kierra hit her first five figure and multi five-figure month together.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 4.14.42 PM.jpg

"In working with Erika, I have found true clarity on where my business is going. She has challenged me to think bigger, which has expanded my reach online, leading me to host events and book (paid) speaking engagements! Without even taking massive action - just shifting my perspective and getting clear and what I want and what I am meant to do.

During our time together, I filled my high-end mastermind - $16,500 in sales in one week and 24k in sales altogether… that I wasn't going to launch. I had an 11.5k day. I also signed 6 clients ($12,000 in sales) into my group program that I wanted to back out on again. The number one takeaway is my sales process that I am able to use over and over again to create $10k+ (like, in a week or few days) every single time I use it.

If you’re thinking about working with Erika, do it. I have worked with tons of coaches and she brings something super unique to the table that can seriously change everything for you."

Taylor Manning, Marketing Strategist (

Having read over 3,000 pitches during my career, run 4 publications, designed and managed full scale marketing and PR campaigns for not-for-profits in the arts, and been featured by the media since the age of nine, I know how to successfully attract a community of loyal fans and followers and spread a message like wildfire. Whether it’s successfully pressuring a faculty into not cutting a course that would delay graduation for several students or empowering Gen Y to realize that we’re not as screwed up as everyone says we are, I know what it takes to get results.

None of my clients have really large social media followings (most of them have 20k or less combined across all channels), they don’t have gigantic lists, and their communities are still small.

So you DON’T need a huge following, all you need is that burning idea or desire to impact others’ lives in a positive way.

My clients get results because I help them move through the Six Pillars of Influencer Success™

:: Having a community that practically builds itself so you don’t have to chase down people to join your group and mailing list via a ton of messages and ladder posts.
:: Effortlessly making sales while you’re out having dinner with friends or boarding an airplane so you don’t have to hustle for those five figure months
:: Getting an e-mail inviting you to be a featured guest at a summit or conference so you can share your message with a new audience
:: Sending that pitch for your first TEDx talk so that you can grow your visibility to new heights and share your message on one of the most prolific stages on the planet.
:: Writing your book proposal so that you can send it to agents and have them pitch it to major publishing houses
:: Waking up to news that your story is going to be featured by a new podcast or publication with someone that you’ve looked up to as an inspiration.
:: Connecting with people around the world who resonate with your message and look up to you as a leader in your space so that you can start to change lives and truly have the global impact that you desire 

That’s all possible for you.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 4.19.50 PM.jpg

"I got a pitch from STARBUCKS. They offered me 100$ less than my new rate so I asked them to bump it up. Because I attract sponsors who know my worth and are willing to pay my rate! I closed a 9k client! I refuse to put myself last, or even second.

I've been overwhelmed with messages from people saying such supportive things and asking about my course and saying they can't wait and I'm just living in my worth and I feel amazing for it because it's helping people. 

It’s been so good knowing so strongly that I'd have more opportunities. I've had so many more companies fully willing to pay me my rate and want more than one deal - can’t thank you enough!”

Erica Gwynn, Lifestyle Influencer & Brand Strategist (

Here's what we can work on during our time together in the influencer incubator

Refine your core message

All leaders have a core message that drives them and a set of values and principles that guide their every move as stewards of the game-changing message that they’re putting out into the world. I help you get crystal clear on what your core message is and how you can infuse it into every single part of your business.

Map out your Plan of Impact & your desired lifestyle

This is where we decide how your message is best spread - is it most aligned for you to start your own foundation, speak, write, etc? We map out what these areas can look like
for you, how they fit into the grand scheme of your business, and how your business can be the starting point for modelling the kind of change that you wish to see in the world.

This is also where we get clear about exactly the kind of lifestyle that you want to lead. Are you someone who values travel? Are you a homebody who wants to move into their
dream condo or home? What support do you need (in your business and in your life) to  become this bigger influencer. Changing the world doesn’t have to involve sacrifice, and
I work with my clients and customers to ensure that what they’re creating aligns with  their bigger picture for the lifestyle they desire. 

A story that sells

What separates the people you see on your feed and on your TV every single day who have seven and eight figure empires while doing a bunch of good in the world and the
people who struggle? Story. The best thought leaders, whether they’re religious leaders like Ghandi or personal development gurus, like Tony Robbins, have mastered the art of

You need to be super clear on what your personal story is, as the founder of your movement, and how your life up to this point has impacted how you think, how you see
the world, and how you came upon this revolutionary idea. Your story is the basis of a brand that attracts clients, customers, publishers, media, etc. and so working on story & 
brand is one of the most crucial elements of shifting from business owner to founder of a movement (and it happens to be one of my favorite parts, too).

Romance your ideal client

Romancing your ideal client through honest marketing strategies helps you take them from that first glance at the bar all the way to them becoming the one. If you're truly going to become an influencer, your time can't be spent on endless amounts of 1:1 work - and when people do work with you one on one, they need to be paying top dollar because your time and your knowledge is precious! We're going to plot out exactly how to maximize your revenue potential so you hit those income goals without the constant hustle of 1:1 clients.

Slay the saboteur

All of us have an inner saboteur - our subconscious mind, which likes to make up ridiculous stories about why we can’t do things, why we’re not worthy, and it’s the part of your brain that also makes you remember that time you accidentally squirted milk out of your nose and everyone laughed in the 3rd grade while you’re just casually strolling down the street on a Tuesday afternoon. Leaders are masters at recognizing those sabotaging thoughts, patterns, and hereditary biases and shifting them to more positive, loving, and supportive beliefs. To become a thought leader, you’ll have to learn how to slay your own saboteur and vanquish your negative patterns.

Amplify Your Influence & Income

This is where you blow up. Now that you know what your message is, how to share it in a compelling way, what’s the best way to share your message, and you have the
supporting base of products and services that can support you in the long-term, it’s time to go viral using social media and PR that you can leverage as you’re putting together  your book proposal, your show bible and pitch deck, or your signature talk.