"The number one takeaway is my sales process that I am able to use over and over again to create $10k+ (like, in a week or few days) every single time I use it."

taylor manning, marketing strategist (taylormanningcreative.com)


When Taylor came to me, she was already well past six figures. She knew that something felt off in her business. She was overworked, stressed, and out of alignment with her business. This is a frequent issue that my clients come to me with. They know that something is off, and I help them figure out what it is.

One of Taylor’s major goals was to attract speaking opportunities and to uplevel her business with ease; she accomplished both of those things. She hosted her first live event, which allowed her to have more confidence in her skills as a speaker, and she recently completed her first speaking event to a small group of other six-figure entrepreneurs.

Taylor’s also much more confident in herself and her business. When she ran an idea past her friends, they shot it down and told her it wouldn’t work. We worked together to create an offer that would be fun, exciting, and enticing for her ideal clients, and it sold out in a matter of days without a huge launch! A few weeks later, she also had an 11k day!

In Taylor’s words:

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 8.48.01 PM.png

“When I started working with Erika, I knew I had a bigger purpose to serve and I knew I wasn’t tapped into my intuition enough to see it clearly. I was already well past the 6-figure mark in my business, but something wasn’t quite right.

In working with Erika, I have found true clarity on where my business is going. She has challenged me to think bigger, which has expanded my reach online, leading me to host events and book (paid) speaking engagements! Without even taking massive action - just shifting my perspective and getting clear and what I want and what I am meant to do.

During our time together, I filled my high-end mastermind - $16,500 in sales in one week and 24k in sales altogether… that I wasn't going to launch. I had an 11.5k day. I also signed 6 clients ($12,000 in sales) into my group program that I wanted to back out on again. The number one takeaway is my sales process that I am able to use over and over again to create $10k+ (like, in a week or few days) every single time I use it.

You called me out more than any coach I've ever had. You got me really uncomfortable. You had me balance gratitude and celebration with still always knowing where I was holding back or playing small. You pushed me to get quiet and talk to myself and find the answers which is so uncomfortable but transformative and I had never done before.

Erika is really great at helping you pinpoint every single area in your business where you are holding yourself back or playing 10x (or 100x) smaller than you should be. She'll help you use your intuition, really great (and UNIQUE) energy and mindset exercises and transformative coaching to get to the root to the problem and craft a really epic execution strategy to move past it and get huge results every single time. If you’re thinking about working with Erika, do it. I have worked with tons of coaches and she brings something super unique to the table that can seriously change everything for you.”