"Within two weeks of quitting my job, I was fully booked until October! you are the best thing that's ever happened to my biz. i wouldn't be where i am without you!"

rachel spencer, instagram expert & life coach (mylifecoachrachel.com)


When Rachel came to me, she’d been struggling to get clients - she’d only signed 3 over the course of a whole year! On top of that, she was drastically undercharging. 

Rachel’s main goal during our time together was to quit her job and go full-time in her business. She did it in two months, making more in the week that she quit than in a month of her full-time job and is now fully booked through October.

While her primary goal was to get fully booked so that she could work on passive income, she needed help refining her messaging, her presence, and her sales strategies on Instagram.

In less than 2 months of changing up how she was positioning her business, she made it onto the Instagram explore page 5 times! Her post about body positivity went viral and was picked up by multiple media outlets, including Allure, SELF Magazine, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Hello Giggles, HuffPost, and The Today Show digital.

SELF Magazine has continued to feature Rachel in stories, and her story still continues to be spread via social media.

Rachel gained a new client almost immediately after her media exposure and her Instagram grew by over 2,000 followers overnight, which has added to her reach and visibility within the body positivity community and helped solidify her as an expert on Instagram and cracking its algorithm.

She went on to book out her 1:1 program AGAIN in September and she filled her first group program in October, hitting her first 10k month in revenue!

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In Rachel’s words:

“There was something very different about you than the other business coaches out there; the energy that I was feeling from you was like nothing I’d ever felt before. From the first moment we talked, there was so much strategy involved already. I felt like you were helping me and we hadn’t even started working together yet!

As we started working together I said ‘Oh my God! She’s right, everything she’s telling me is working.’ I knew that no matter what I told you, you’re going to know how to help me. You always bring me back down to earth and tell me that it’s an easy fix. We would work through all that mindset business and then form a strategy for whatever I needed help with.

When I first started, my pricing came from what I thought people would pay me. I didn’t understand the power of what I do and the power of that transformation. I know now that the work I’m doing is so transformational that I would be crazy not to charge what I’m charging.

The same week I quit my job, I made money at a conference where I’d been speaking and I signed two perfect high-ticket clients. Within two weeks of quitting my job, I was fully booked until October! 

We implemented strategies to tweak my content and I knew how to increase my chances of getting on the Explore page. When I found out I was featured on Huffpost I wasn’t sure if it was real! And then it just kept going and going and there was all of these articles about me; I thought to myself ‘I’ve officially gone viral!’ And then a woman from today.com contacted me and wanted to do a separate story. The PR changed my reputation - when people see that I’ve been featured in multiple publications, they want to know more about you and they trust you. Being featured in an article alongside Ashley Graham and other body positive influencers was so exciting!

YOU are the best thing that’s ever happened to my biz! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”