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“There was something very different about you than the other business coaches out there; the energy that I was feeling from you was like nothing I’d ever felt before. From the first moment we talked, there was so much strategy involved already. 

The same week I quit my job, I made money at a conference where I’d been speaking and I signed two perfect high-ticket clients. Within two weeks of quitting my job, I was fully booked until October! 

We also implemented strategies to tweak my content and I ended up on the Explore page. When I found out I was featured on Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Hello Giggles, Allure, and HuffPost, I wasn’t sure if it was real! And then it just kept going and going and there was all of these articles about me; I'd officially gone viral! The PR changed my reputation - when people see that I’ve been featured in multiple publications, they want to know more about me and they trust me. Being featured in an article alongside Ashley Graham and other body positive influencers was so exciting!

YOU are the best thing that’s ever happened to my biz! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. ”

Rachel Spencer, Instagram Strategist & Life Coach (

The program includes:

-A virtual VIP day at the start of the program to map out our time together, create your business model that is going to feel easy, profitable, and fun, and decide on your publicity strategy
-12 x 45-minute calls to be used over the course of the program
-Voxer & e-mail access to me throughout the entire program
-A complete PR and influence strategy - I’ll map this out for you and do all the heavy lifting so all you have to do is pitch
-All programs and trainings I create during our time together

Investment: $18,000 USD Paid in Full


$6,000 USD deposit & 4 monthly installments of $3500 USD

Only 4 spots remaining until the program is full.

How much support do I get with this program?

This is the most high-touch, long-term form of support that I offer. Currently the only other way to work with me is a VIP day, an investment of $4,000 USD. I have limited the number of people that I take into this program intentionally so I can provide you with the best support.

1:1 Clients are the only people to have Voxer access to me, and I reply quickly (unless I’m speaking or in other client sessions, I usually reply within a delay of a few hours during business hours)

I don’t have an online presence and I haven’t signed any clients yet. Is this program right for me?

Short answer: No.

What separates you from other coaches?

I asked my clients to answer this for me, and here were some of the highlights: I get to know my clients extremely well and I am invested in your success. I’m quick to tell you if I think you’re moving in the wrong direction, but I’ll never force you to do anything. My experience comes from the real world and not just from coaching other coaches to become coaches. I’ve created the experiences for myself and been able to replicate those results for my clients.

I have to talk to my partner about investing.

I appreciate that! I talk about financial decisions with my partner all the time, and she’s one of my greatest sources of support! However, please remember that you are an individual with agency over your own finances and if you need to speak to your partner, please do it before we get on our discovery call.

You’ve hit my bottom! *le gasp* My clients all have one thing in common - all of them have a gut feeling that they need to book a call with me. If you’ve read this and you don’t even at least have a whisper that this is the program for you, then it probably isn’t right for you.

However, if you know in your heart that you’re ready for this, then I urge you to click the button below and book a call with me!