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I'm a(n) Influencer Growth Strategist, Independent Maskcara Artist, speaker, podcaster, blogger, writer, and producer. Basically, I am the millennial Renaissance woman personified.

I am a dinosaur by internet standards. I've been around since the days of Angelfire and Geocities sites with flying toaster mice and 80 million popups and I've been building digital communities since becoming a community moderator on Harry Potter fan boards fifteen years ago.

I parlayed my experience in community management and web design into designing Myspace layouts for the popular girls in my high school for lunch money and later, I created and managed official celebrity fansites and grew their social media fan communities. That was my introduction to influencer marketing, as I regularly partnered with brands and causes that the celebrities were a part of. I galvanized a Glee star's social media fanbase to win a competition where we donated 6k to the Sunshine Foundation and partnered with companies they were the face of, including Proactiv. I ran numerous contests, giveaways, and premiered exclusive content for the celebrity on behalf of brands.

I left that world to pursue blogging as a side-hustle in 2013 on my now-defunct blog, Erika is Little, and since then I have partnered with numerous brands including: Bioderma Canada, Forever 21, Piol Dress, Clarisonic, and Derma E. In 2015, when I found myself on the wait list for a hip replacement and too ill to get out of bed to head to work, I had to quit and that began my full-time immersion into the entrepreneurial life. Equipped with a decade of experience in journalism (I've acted as Editor-in-Chief for four publications) and corporate management under my belt, I started my journey as a technical VA, but being behind the scenes was unfulfilling. I founded my coaching business in early 2016 and since then have built it into a six-figure empire.

It's my philosophy that influencers aren't born; we're made as a product of our experiences. The people that I love to work with are ready to take on new creative projects beyond brand sponsorships and collaborations in the beauty and fashion realm, or they're creative business owners and coaches who have big dreams of galvanizing their message to a broader audience and becoming household names in their space. 

I love to consult for brands who want to embrace social media and influencer marketing and want to learn from someone who knows what's working because she's in it every day. I'm constantly testing and tweaking what works and what doesn't for myself and my clients and one of my natural gifts is being able to see where digital and social media are headed well before they happen.

That's why I work with my personal + corprorate clients on three areas: Brand and content creation, innovative business strategy, and publicity. The focus of our work is on amplification. Together, these three pillars produce massive growth that dramatically (re)positions them for greater influence, income, and impact.

I believe that we are the product of our struggles, our triumphs, our obsessions that "no one" seems to understand. It's because I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that I got to ride in a Sanyo blimp and score my first press feature as a child. It's because I was misunderstood as a young age that I turned to the internet and started building powerful communities as early as 2002. It's because I became a community fandom leader that I was able to run celebrity fansites and partner with brands to run influencer marketing campaigns in the early days of digital influencer marketing. It's because I was an early adopter of Youtube that I watched the platform grow and I studied it professionally (so I know all the algorithm secretz). It's because I was in too much pain to get out of bed that I became a full-time entrepreneur.

About the blog

Leo in Lipstick is a business and lifestyle blog. If your older sister who likes to brag about all the French cinema she watches wanted to talk business, blogging, beauty, and digital media, while getting to occasionally prove that her introvert self leaves the house, this would be the place. My motto is "value first" and I like to fuse my academic side, where I studied historical and contemporary film, branding, and advertising under the guise of getting a BFA and MA Art History, with my personality which is goofy, fun, new age AF, and a little bit weird. I'm edutainment personified. I will tell you a really bad joke while presenting an elaborate and well researched case study cause... that's just how I roll.

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Like your lipstick, life's best when it's long-lasting.