Hi! I'm Erika Couto, aka millionerika. I'm a true Renaissance woman - I mentor, write, educate, advocate, and produce TV... and I typically have a weird hair color on my head (currently: indigo and turquoise).

What I really love doing (outside of drinking Pinot Noir and curling up with a good book) is helping influencers grow and scale their digital presence into multi-faceted (and hella profitable) empires using honest marketing strategies, social media, and publicity.

My clients are a lot like me - aka driven people with crazy life stories. What ties us all together is our desire to live an awesome, logic-defying life without compromise. I've ridden in a blimp, Posh Spice serenaded me, and I've been mobbed by fangirls at the VIP entrance to a concert (long story short: once upon a time, I was Tumblr famous). My clients have built influential blogging empires from scratch, appeared in Cosmo's print edition, swam in an ocean with Justin Bieber, gone viral on Instagram, been on Oprah, found their life purpose while trying to go to the bathroom at a psychic fair, been featured alongside Ashley Graham, etc.

We expect the unexpected in our lives and our business, and we create epicness because of it. We're all committed to creating massive change in the world, to creating businesses that feed our souls as well as our wallets, and to embracing whatever the universe sends our way.

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