hi, i’m erika.

A success coach who fucks up….A lot.

Objectively, I fail a lot more than I succeed.

That’s probably risky to admit because I’m pretty sure that coaches – especially ones who also happen to be authors, TV producers, and podcast hosts – are supposed to put up an impenetrable front. We’re supposed to be like the Titanic of people.

But even the “sink-proof” Titanic was clearly flawed (Move over on the damn door, Rose!)

I’m admitting this to you for two reasons:


I want you to know, in the depths of your core, that nobody is perfect and that’s okay. Not even Beyoncé and Oprah are perfect. They’ve had struggles on their journey to success, too. So when you think that everybody’s got it way more figured out that you… nope. Maybe we’re just a little bit ahead in some areas, but even behind the most perfectly curated brand are real people who get into arguments, missed flights, refund requests, etc.


If I can be honest with you about the fact that this whole “success” thing went really wrong for a long time, you’ll be way more inclined to believe me when I say that I’ve actually figured out this whole “create a message, turn it into a movement and business, monetize the fuck out of it, and attract magic into your life while you’re doing it” thing.

I will admit, there’s no magical formula or mystical success land, so you’ll never see me peddling it.

Here’s why:

What you want for your life is probably different than what I want for my life –  unless you’re my clone or secret twin – so I can’t just give you some pre-determined solution, and you should be weary of drinking the snake oil of anyone who does. #justsaying

Success doesn’t come in a 5-step formula.

What I’m great at is helping you figure out what the dubious concept of “success” actually means to you – not to your mom, not to your friends, not to whatever industry you belong to – and go after it. I don’t care about convention and I certainly don’t care about the “limits” of what’s possible.

case in point:

I’ve built my success coaching brand off of being a chronic fuck up (said with oodles of self love and adoration) and sharing that with the world – for better or for worse.


My coaching journey started off on the right foot: 30k in sales in my first month as a coach, and I totally booked myself out. My goal was a single client.
That sounds great, right?
Well, my carriage turned into a pumpkin pretty quickly (and it didn’t even taste like pumpkin spice! Boo).

I made less than 2k the next month and under 500 bucks the month after that.

What went wrong? Well… a lot:
-I hired the wrong coaches (a costly mistake)
-I created the wrong packages (yikes)
-I tried to scale too quickly (the downfall of many a business)
-I let “industry fame” go to my head (gross)
-I had nightmare clients that drained my energy (arrrgh)
-I specialized in the wrong area of coaching (eeeeew)
-I made the wrong friends (I literally have a podcast about this now)
-I quit my business to work for the wrong girl (noooooo)

And I ended up in the worst possible place about six months later: No clients, no work, and a call from my credit card company that I had to pay them $3500 by the end of the month to clear my late payments or they were sending me to collections for the full amount that I owed them… $27k.


I’ll admit, I started romanticizing my pre-entrepreneurial life. Windowless offices weren’t that bad when you had money in the bank, right? Insane competition that sucked my soul dry was worth it for the security of knowing all my bills were paid, right?

I gave myself three weeks to turn the sinking ship known as *cough* The Titanic *cough* my LIFE around before it hit the iceberg (aka a corporate job).

I had a fire under my ass because I definitely didn’t believe my own bullshit about corporate life in the ivory tower of academia being sooooooo great.

Within two weeks I had a $3,512 cash week

And followed it up with a $3,000 cash week the following week.

And within four and a half months I:
-Created a six figure business working with DREAM clients
-Signed a book deal with a publisher
-Became a TV producer for a soulful reality series
-Attracted high-level speaking and guest expert opportunities
-Fully booked myself six months in advance


It took a lot of failing, but once I finally got it together and created the kind of success I had been dreaming about, I realized two things:


Fuck, I have to update my vision board now. (Just kidding – I don’t make vision boards and if that doesn’t resonate with you don’t make one either, but I did realize that I had to come up with a new list of dreams now)


There are so many other women who want to do what I’ve just done, sitting there thinking that it’s going to take them years. That’s so sad.

I knew that I wanted to help other extraordinary women avoid making the same fuck ups that I did and go straight to the ka-ching! noise of payments coming through easily and consistently and the clink! of celebratory champagne flutes gently grazing each other as they see milestone after milestone achieved.

My clients clink and
ka-ching! a lot.

they do amazing things like:

-Keynote and speak at conferences
-Write books
-Get featured as guest experts
-Get “out of the blue” TV opportunities
-Create multiple viral Instagram posts that get featured on Refinery 29, Hello Giggles, Self Magazine, Teen Vogue, HuffPo, Today.com and more!
-5x their income and hit their first five-figure months in 30 days
-Partner up with Starbucks (omg) for a brand deal
-Go from 0-10 clients in 45 days
-More than double their sales and hit their first five-figure months within 30 days of working together
-Sign five-figure clients with EASE
-Make 24k in sales in 4.5 days when everyone else told them their idea wouldn’t work
-Have 11.5k cash days

If it’s possible for us, a bunch of non-perfect 20-somethings, then it’s definitely possible for you, too. We’re all creating our own versions of success,
and we’re damn good at it.


I’m the official space holder for your vision, the strategist who helps you figure out the plan to make it happen, the mindset maven who’s going to help you work through your blocks and triggers, and the energy healer (certified in crystal therapy, tysm) who can pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back and help you clear it.

And make no mistake, I still regularly find myself facepalming because I’ve done something dumb – and don’t worry, you’ll be the first person I tell because I’m all about transparency, even if it makes me look a little foolish every now and again – but the face palms are a lot less, and I’m a pro at spotting someone heading into facepalm territory and helping them avoid their Titanic-sized iceberg.

In fact, I get paid to do just that every single day by smart, savvy women who know that the only way to the top is to get help from someone who’s already made all the mistakes, tripped going up the stairs about 22 times, and lived to tell the tale as she sips on a flute of champagne. #classyAF

This place is both an ongoing shrine to the areas of my life that I have figured out (via my work with me and media pages) as well as a chronicle of the lessons I’ve learned from the ongoing fuck-ups and mishaps I find myself in while wearing some shade of liquid lipstick (my blog).

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Super profesh bio:

Erika Couto, is an Intuitive Success Activist, author, TV producer, LGBTQ+ activist, and podcast host. She’s been self-employed since the age of 14 when she earned her lunch money for the year by designing Myspace layouts. In 2015, she came into the digital space with a bang, booking herself out in 10 days in her virtual assistant business before transitioning to coaching online and booking herself out (again) in 21 days. She has since gone on to be a guest expert at numerous events and summits and has clients who regularly go on to build six and multiple six figure businesses in their time with her. Her writing has appeared in MindBodyGreen, HuffPost, The Journal of Curatorial Studies, and Interfold Magazine, among others.

Prior to entering the digital space, Erika was coaching people offline in career decision making and ESL and she worked as a university educator and the director of a not-for-profit in the arts. She holds a BFA in Film Studies & Art History and an MA in Art History from Concordia University. Her thesis project, supported by SSHRC and FRQSC grants, examined the Eskimo Rental Housing Project, an acculturating housing initiative in Northern Canada during the Cold War.

Erika’s mission is to make her work irrelevant by creating a world where badass successful women are the norm, not the exception. Her first book, You’re Not Broken (so stop trying to fix yourself) is being published by B.A.S.E.D. Press in 2018. Erika is a producer for On the Line series & her upcoming comedy podcast, Full-Time Hermit, will investigate the creative isolationist lives of entrepreneurs working in the digital space.